Thursday, May 05, 2005

Making Money the EBay Way...

EBay was created for people with garage sale-esque items to make a little extra money. It is slowly developing into a forum for people desperate for some extra cash. I’ve heard of people auctioning some strange, if not personal things on EBay. One girl in Britain auctioned off her virginity. Her virginity: the most personal gift a woman could give a man, and the bidding reached twenty thousand dollars before it was plucked off the auction. One woman auctioned off the sillacone implants that she had removed from her breasts. Now, what would someone do with used breast implants? The most recent tale is a high school prank in which some guys auctioned off their friend ( The bidding war was only between a few good friends, but escalated to over three thousand dollars before the auction was dropped. I am now inspired to auction off something ridiculous to see how much money I could earn. My girlfriend is an amazing cook. I’ll auction her cooking off to someone in the Bay area. She (accompanied by me, of course) can go to the winner’s house to cook a meal. I’m sure this would get at least a couple grand. If some used breast implants can earn someone ten thousand dollars, some great beef stew and a Caesar salad should gross much more than that!


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