Friday, May 06, 2005

It's Been Great!

Seeing as how this is my final blog, I thought I’d reflect on the past semester of school, writing, and blogging. I learned a lot through my blogs. In order to write as often as I did, I had to get really creative with my blog sources. I learned that birds that eat red berries crash into windows and die. I had the honor of writing an ode to one of my favorite artists, Jimmy Buffet. I also had to contemplate things that were happening in my society. Randy Moss and his money comment really frustrated me. This man didn’t grow up having as much money as he does now, and when a man forgets his roots and lets money change who he is, he is no longer a respectable person to me. Both Jessica Lunsford and Terri Schaivo inspired me to write. I don’t feel very comfortable letting my little sisters play in my neighborhood now that I know that perverted child molesters are on the prowl, preying on innocent children. The Schaivo case really made me think about what stance I have on life and death. Pro-Life and Pro-Choice took on a new meaning to me after all of this. I feel like I’ve been able to grow as a writer, and having my thoughts and opinions posted on the web forced me to learn how to be unbiased in my writing. As I said in my final portfolio, I plan on studying grammar and syntax so that as I get deeper into my college career, my writing matures, too. I’ve really enjoyed the experience of keeping a blog site. Maybe I’ll contribute to this even after the semester ends. I’ve already received one feedback from a person who read my blogs. Perhaps I’ll shoot for two. Thanks for reading!


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