Sunday, April 03, 2005

I just have to rant about something.. is one of the ways I choose which classes I’ll take. If the professor received pretty good ratings from other students, I’ll know that the teacher is a good one. But I saw something on there that really upset me. I’m as typical as the All-American Guy can be: I love beer, sports, and my country. What really bothers me is when some guys let a bigamist judgment interfere with what is supposed to be an objective review. I was reviewing an old teacher of mine who happens to be a gay man. I wrote about how he really knows his material and grades very fairly. When I was reading the other reviews, however, I saw that some people let the fact that he is a homosexual alter the content of their review. Instead of saying “I didn’t learn much in his class”, which is a very fair thing to say, a couple reviews said “I didn’t feel comfortable around him” or something to that effect. This teacher was really great, and even if a student didn’t like the fact that he was gay, they still should have been objective when reviewing him for other students. Now these other USF students will have a negative image of this person because some guys felt uncomfortable. Look, I’m as much of a guy’s guy as they come, and I’m not necessarily condoning or chastising any particular point of view, but when you’re supposed to be objective, don’t knock someone’s sexual preference.


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