Monday, March 28, 2005


I just want to know why all these young girls are going missing in Florida? There seems to be an epidemic of lost children. Is there a surplus of old pedophiles who just retired down here? Or did a jail burn down? First Jessica Lunsford, then the girl in Citrus County. Interestingly enough, all the missing Florida kids are coming from the Bay area. I have four little sisters and six younger brothers. I am uneasy with them playing outside our home because I think that the next kidnapping and murder will come from Hillsborough, and I am very protective over my siblings. ( talks about Identi-Kid: a database where kids’ fingerprints are stored with their information in some statewide database so that in the event one goes missing, their information can be handed over to the local authorities. I will make sure my kid siblings are enrolled in that, because too many young children are falling victim to sick adults in the area.


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