Friday, February 11, 2005

Moon Over Minnesota

Randy Moss of the Minnesota Vikings was fined $10,000 for mock-mooning an audience during a game last season. When questioned about the fine by the press, Moss stated, “Ten thousand dollars?” “I s**t Ten Thousands dollars!” That comment stirred up some thoughts in my mind. This man makes millions of dollars playing a game that I play for free with my friends. Meanwhile, I am studying and training to pursue a career that could possibly take my life. I am a member of the United States Army. My girlfriend studies relentlessly so that one day she can teach the next generation of high school students. Neither of us will ever make one quarter of what Moss makes in seven years. What service does he provide the world the world? He plays a game and entertains people. What is it that I do? I defend the security and integrity of the United States of America. What is it that teachers do, but educate, mentor, and encourage our nation’s youth. I think our country’s military and educators need a pay raise and a big one at that. Let the football players start at $30,000 a year. They have all the fame and glory, do they need the expensive cars too? For those of us who fall into the “underplayed and overworked” category, we should begin contract negotiations at one hundred thousand dollars. There is so much work, study and passion that goes into defending America’s freedom and education it’s children. An NBA-sized contract is the least we could do!


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