Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Military Changes

The Army has adapted a new uniform for its troops to wear in combat. Army leaders are now realizing the ever-changing need for uniforms that fit troops’ needs for combat survival. This is the first change in the Army’s uniform since 1983 said the article I read in the Tampa Tribune. Many changes were made to the uniform, “the most notably the camouflage pattern” (Tampa Tribune, New Army Fatigues Reflect Combat Needs). The army adopted this new digital uniform as a safety measurement in the new type of war. This uniform allows soldiers to fade into the background of the terrain during hostile situations when seen from a distance of about seventy five meters away. This new uniform transcends situations, from desert to jungle to urban combat. In Iraq, soldiers find themselves changing environments almost daily, so it is important to have a camouflage that can protect them everywhere. I’ve known about this change for a little while: some units have already modified their uniforms, and word travels fast. I am confident that these new uniforms will be an asset to the armed services. Not only has the camouflage changed from an inkblot to a digital pattern, but the pockets have changed to Velcro, as well. The Velcro helps soldiers in full battle gear access their pockets easier. The Marines have already been using this form of camouflage for a while now, so I’m prepared for the change.


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