Monday, May 02, 2005

5 Down: Web Posting (four letters)

I have recently become a crossword puzzle fanatic. It started in the fall semester when I was taking a lecture class that bored me to tears. I picked up an Oracle one day and just started working the crossword. It was better than listening to the professor ramble about nothing, and it gave me something to think about. Throughout the semester, it became a staple for this class. Now, I pick up a newspaper every day so I can have a new puzzle to do. I even bought one of those airport crossword books. They’re relatively easy, and I still consider myself a novice, so I enjoy these. I learned in my psychology class that working difficult crosswords is better for your mind because it forces it to work harder, but I get so frustrated when I can’t solve a clue. I have even found a website where I can play crosswords from my computer. The New York Post publishes its daily crosswords at two different skill levels. I usually play the regular level, but every once in a while, I try to conquer the advanced games. ( Crosswords have even become a group activity with my brothers and sisters. If I’m working the Sunday puzzle in the living room, a few will crowd around me and try to help me with some clues. Usually, if I can’t figure it out, they won’t get it, either, but sometimes they surprise me and know an answer I wouldn’t have figured out without them.


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