Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Skyler is the Limit...

The war in Iraq, to some, is frivolous. To others, it is the wave of change that the world so despratly needs. But what is it to those who put their lives on the line everyday for the sake of freedom? Skyler's Rants ( is a blog site that shows a side of the war in Iraq like few ever see; the soldier's side of the story. Skyler's Rants is a blog that is a colaboration of events that have been lived through by a United States Marine who is stationed in Iraq. The site gives you a reality check on what is really going on overseas iniside a country that is torn apart by war, but yet eagerly wants to have their own freedom, lives and prosperity. "Skyler" (his real name is not revealed to those reading his site, only his nick-name) describes things he sees in a poetic manner, giving personification to a historical war. "The men in the Marine Corps infantry are just men." this is an excerpt from his site. That is not the sterotypical image of a cold blooded killer that is sent to do the biddings of an "Evil World Emperialist". That blood-thirsty image is what most (but not all) media will present to you. These are the popular images that will always skew the truth and present the men in American military uniforms as hoards of mindless robots doing the biddings of selfishness for the "empire" of the United States. Skyler tells that the Iraqi people are so used to being surpressed that they do not know how to handle the privledge of freedom. "The other day I saw some sparrows eating bread crumbs I had tossed to them an hour earlier. I tossed a few more but they flew away again. Someday the sparrows will learn that the breadcrumbs being tossed are the same ones they enjoyed.
We will liberate Iraq from the murderers. We will allow them to free themselves, it's been happening throughout the rest of the country and it will happen here. Someday the Iraqis will learn that the only way to win their freedom is to take charge of their towns themselves." Skyler is a true patriot and he his words are inspriration to me as a soldier in the United States military.


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