Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Happy New Year 2011!

I found a website that will tell a web surfer the day of the week for any holiday for whatever year they enter. The American Secular Holiday Calendar can tell you what day of the week a particular secular holiday will fall on. (http://www.smart.net/~mmontes/ushols.html ) For instance, I entered 1984, the year I was born, and learned that New Years Day was a Sunday. I was born on a Saturday, and the following Monday was Labor Day. I’m not sure how helpful this is for many people, unless one is planning a vacation or wedding for a certain time in the future. Just for fun, I entered the year 2010. The year will start on a Friday. Mother’s Day will be May 9th, which is interesting because this year, it falls on May 8th. Our income taxes will be due on a Thursday, and Independence Day will be on a Sunday: the perfect day for a barbeque! By inputting 2006, I learned that next year will start on a Sunday. That means New Years Eve will be on a Saturday: the ideal night for a party! Again, I’m not too sure how helpful this is, but it’s interesting to enter random years to see when the calendar will realign itself to where it is now. The next time the days of the week will align themselves to where they are now is in 2011.


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