Monday, April 25, 2005

Happy Early Mother's Day!

Because Mother's Day is in two weeks and my blogs will be completed before the holiday, I want to use one of my blogs to honor my mother. She has the soul of a saint and skin of steel. That woman has seen more trials in her life than most will see before their death. Not only has she endured three Caesarean sections while giving birth to my two biological brothers and myself, but countless mental and emotional hardships adopting my other siblings. She is so much a mother that she has put herself last in order to give children that nobody else wanted a happy home. She has a desire to help everyone she encounters, and will stop at nothing to help someone out. There is an elderly man at our church who doesn't have much family, so every week some of my more musical siblings go to his house and sing and play music for him. My mother arranged this so someone else can experience the joy that children can bring, and so he wouldn't have to be so lonely, confined to his household because of medical reasons. My mother has always been a strong woman, a worldly woman, and a beautiful woman. I don't give her enough credit for all of the things she has taught me, and this blog is dedicated to the best mother ever. Happy Early Mother's Day, Mom!


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