Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Formal Logic Rules!

I am taking a class called Introduction to Formal Logic. In this class, you learn how to take language and translate it into mathematical equations to solve arguments. It is teaching me a lot about thinking, about language, about arguments, and how it could help my future career. Formal logic is a useful tool in examining life, language, and thought. While my major is still undecided, I know this logic class will help me in whatever I study. Logic is not just a class that someone takes for Gordon Rule credit, but a philosophical way of thinking. Because of this class, I’ve learned to examine concepts in my life with better scrutiny. Arguments, even among friends and loved ones, are different to me now because I know ho to think logically to see if things make sense. And if for some reason things cannot be resolved between my friends and me, I know how to take the argument, translate it into logical symbols, and prove myself right (or in many cases, wrong.) Logic will definitely help me in my military career. In a field whre you’re expected to make decisions and think on a dime, logic will probably be a college course that helps me more than most others. The mindset of the logician compares to how the Army wants its soldiers to think: rigid, resolute, and rational. It isn’t likely that I will need to solve proofs using the mathematical rules, but the mentality that I’ve gained learning how to think logically will serve me for years to come. If I find myself leading men to battle, I will have the ability to think rationally and make decisions based on the tools I gained in this logic class.


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