Sunday, April 03, 2005

Driving in Florida is like Walking Through a Thurnderstorm...

Driving in Florida is like walking in thunderstorm with a lightning rod. Sooner or later, you're going to get hit. This has been my experiance while being a young Florida driver. I have been involved in four accednts, none of which were my fault. Statistics show that one out of every three drivers in Florida have been in an accident in 2003, which is the most recent year that data has been published ( That statistic is rediculous, and an obvious problem. There need to be a change in the driving laws in Florida. Only yesterday, I was driving on campus at 9:00pm. I was next to the Sun Dome, perpendicular to the Athletic Building, in the left lane. The guy in the right lane (directly next to me) decided to turn around in the middle of the street without looking, nearly crashing into the hood of my car. Of course, once I called Florida Highway Patrol to rat this guy out, he sped away. Perhaps the standards for receiving a lisence should be more strict to ensure that only the responsible drivers are on the road. Yes, that raises the question "where should the line be drawn?", but for the safety of every driver, every passenger on the road, something needs to change.


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