Monday, April 11, 2005

Cosmo Guy

Okay, I have a confession to make: I read my girlfriend’s Cosmopolitan magazine ( I know other men read it, because they’ve added an entire section for men to read, which is contributed to by the editors of Maxim magazine. I cannot help myself. First of all, there are dozens of pages with beautiful models wearing expensive, sexy clothes. During the summer, these same models are wearing skimpy bathing suits. This is much more appealing than looking at naked women in “nudie” magazines: there is more mystery and more class. Aside from the models, some of the articles are pretty interesting. It’s funny to see how women perceive things, and the advice that women give each other. I learn a lot about my girlfriend and about women by reading this. Apparently, women have a tendency to analyze actions that men perform, even if we don’t mean anything by them. Men are not as meticulous as women, and sometimes simple mistakes are confused for blatant actions against their loved ones. One article in particular showed women how to make a chicken dish called “Engagement Chicken” that supposedly enticed men to propose to the women in their lives. There were testimonials from women who said that the dish really worked, and that soon after they made it for their men, they got engaged. Seriously, I will propose to a woman when I am ready, not because she makes incredible chicken (although the picture of the prepared chicken looked pretty damned good.) It seems like superstition to me more than fact or advice. But, inevitably, Cosmo is a fun bathroom or boredom read. It offers insight to women and sometimes, if it’s a good issue, one can pick up some interesting and useful pointers.


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