Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Abu Ghraib

The Abu Ghraib “torture” case that has some people angry and outraged is truly a joke. What these people are claiming as “torture” is nothing but embarrassing treatment for prisoners who wanted Americans dead. The real torture comes from the individuals who capture Americans, Brits, and our other allies and video tape decapitation. That is torture. These American soldiers were only treating these prisoners how they should: like the terrorists they are. Granted, some of these prisoners may be civilians, but if they have information we need, those who are actually in the war zone need to do what is necessary to gain information to protect themselves and our nation. The photos that have caused the controversy (available at are actually quite harmless. It isn’t even an issue that seeing the naked form of another man is against their religion. Ruthless murder is against every religion practiced in America, but the beheaded Americans still had to endure that. War is not pleasant. War is rough, dangerous, and humiliating. I think the people who are not fighting the war but fighting the troops who protect us need a reality check. When I’m in Abu Gharib this summer (possibly), I do not want this kind of hypocrisy going on at home.


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