Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wastin away again in Margaritaville....

This is a little tribute to one of my favorite performers: Jimmy Buffet. The man is an accomplished musician, a published writer, and a restaurateur. He has turned two generations into Parrotheads (which is what his fans call themselves), and appeals to people from all walks of life, both young and old. His restaurant Margaritaville draws tourists from all over the country, both in the Keys and Orlando. (http://www.margaritaville.com/) In fact, he’s so amazing as an artist that his following has a name. I really like his entrepreneurship: he has built an empire from the ground up using nothing but his name and business know-how. At the most recent Jimmy Buffet concert, I noticed that I wasn’t the only twenty-something guy tailgating. Girls as young as fourteen were wearing grass skirts while their parents sipped margaritas. Jimmy is uniting two generations that seem to be perpetually torn by all other music. And not only are the age groups coming together for music, but for charity, too. There exists a Tampa Parrotheads Association committed to cleaning up beaches and parks and committing other acts of benevolence. His books are widely read, and the latest one has the same image on its cover as his album does. People go to his restaurant because they love his music, or pick up a CD because the restaurant enticed them. Anyone who can be a successful businessman while maintaining such a down-to-earth persona is worthy of acclaim as far as I’m concerned.


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