Monday, March 14, 2005


While searching the web late one night
I came across an eerie site.
The death clock had turned its chime
Which inspired me to write this rhyme
And then I thought,
“I might as well know when I’m gonna rot.”
So I hopped right up and started to fill out
The required information without a doubt
That my time can’t be near
I had hoped with a fear.
The date that my Father Time was to meet with death
Was to be determined by a mathematical test.
Then in an instant the bell had tolled
I knew when the date would be I’d lose my soul

This poem was inspired by a site that I happened to meander across while searching the web. The Death Clock ( is a blog that attempts to determine your date and time of death based on your body mass index, age, height, sex and birthday. When the proper information is filled in the site will calculate the day you will become no more. There are dedicated sections in the blog to the creator’s thoughts on various things. The entire concept of the death clock is actually to promote better health for the website visitors. There are links to health advice, supplement, and work out sites posted through out the web address.


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