Friday, March 04, 2005

The No Spin Zone

After watching the O’Reilly Factor tonight, I felt compelled to write about a man I deeply respect. He is fearless, honest, and is not afraid to tell it like it is. Not only is Bill O’Reilly extremely educated, but his generous benevolence and firm opinions have made him an American icon for success, for he was born into a lower-middle working class family, and now has a career where he socializes with political and media elite. His education is astounding: he received Bachelor’s degree in history from Marist College, his Master’s degree from Boston University in Broadcast Journalism, and another Master’s degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in Public Administration, according to his website. ( He is also involved in several philanthropies. He works with Habitat for Humanity in New York, Families of Military Casualties, and the Best Friends Foundation, among others. I also admire Bill O’Reilly because he isn’t afraid to tackle controversial issues on his show and in his books. He tells it as it is. I do not always agree with his opinions (although that is seldom), but he always presents his side from reason, and sometimes I find myself persuaded. And he isn’t afraid of a little criticism; that’s what fuels him. He’ll post emails on the television screen, both those that flatter him and those that insult him. He’ll never back off a challenge. Bill O‘Reilly has succeeded in climbing the socio-economic ladder to gain power and influence through his comprehensive education, his generous philanthropies, and his insightful political and social commentaries. You might not always agree with what he thinks, but you know it is from a reasonable standpoint.


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