Friday, March 18, 2005

Harvard Says

Life in college is easy if you let it be. There is always the opportunity to meet new people and have fun experiences. Like the old adage states, “If you seek you shall find”, and the occasion to meet friends and party is always around the corner. There is no exception to this on campuses across the country. Yet how far is too far when living in the moment of the party? In today’s society just one drink in college is hardly the life of the party. Harvard research has shown two in five college students have engaged in binge drinking. ( It seems that not only are our universities teaching collegiate-level studies, but providing a forum for millions of new college students every year to misuse alcohol. Ads are blatantly placed within close quarters of campus entice young adults to buy alcohol. Fraternities and sororities strive to sell their “ideologies” to new and incoming students hope to steal away to join others in binge drinking. Strangely enough, there is a division. Either a large percentage completely abstains from drinking or participates in binge drinking frequently. (


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