Thursday, March 10, 2005

Beer is for sipping, not chugging.

Like most college guys, I enjoy a good tasting beer. Beer has been around for centuries, from the Central Americans to the Europeans, people around the world have been drinking the brew for centuries. Ancient Egyptians had there own form of beer; so did the Greeks. It has become a status symbol for many cultures: the quality of beer you drink represents the quality of life you lead. I have to say sadly, most American beers do not live up to par with the fine fermented drinks of Europe. showcases the British breweries, the birthplace of true beer fervor. Tours are now offered in breweries, much like people go on in wineries. Yes, there is a sampling at the end for the dedicated beer enthusiasts. But I have to say that most young beer drinkers don’t know the art of tasting. The majority are not educated in how to inhale the aromas of the ale; to taste the flavor the barley and hops produce. For young beer drinkers, the purpose is not to enjoy the taste of the brew, but to get drunk from it. So cheap, bland beers often do the trick, even though they are devoid of flavor. I personally never skimp on the beer: it is worth it to spend the extra money for quality. Like a vino would never buy a cheap bottle of wine, I will not succumb to cheap Natural Light for a low-priced drunk.


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