Thursday, February 03, 2005

Watch Where You Point That...

According to an AP article in the Tampa Tribune, a man in Minnesota bit his younger brother’s middle finger: ( Apparently, the elder of the two insulted the younger one’s daughter, and a fight broke out. At some point in this brawl, the elder one – the instigator, if you’ll remember – bit off the finger of his younger brother. The middle finger, ironically. And the older brother says he’s “not proud” of what he’s done, but there was some alcohol involved. Really? Alcohol involved? If I were the little brother, I’d sue for damages. Luckily, the guy is being charged with two counts of assault and one count of domestic abuse. Doctors have reconstructed the younger brother’s finger, but it is too early to determine how successful the surgery is. I just thought this was really funny. You hear very often about people pointing guns at each other or spouses beating the hell out of each other, but very rarely does a man bite the finger off his brother in a fit of rage. It’s pretty petty when you think about it. What was going through this guy’s head? “My brother really upset me. I’m going to dismember him with my mouth.”?
Maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor.


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