Saturday, February 26, 2005

This Gives a New Meaning to "Keep the Seat Down"

A little boy in the Tampa area fell into a septic tank. I really did not believe this the first time I read it, but it is true. He now battles a nasty infection in his lungs, and may develop pneumonia. When I first read the article, several questions conjured in my head. First of all, I would personally like to know who on Earth the toddler and his siblings unsupervised near a septic tank. The parents had left their kids with a babysitter, but exactly how qualified was this man with children? Even worse, who left the opening, which is large enough for a toddler to crawl through, unlocked? And when the child entered the general vicinity of the septic tank, did the babysitter take notice? Are the workers who kept the opening unlocked going to compensate for the hospital costs? Because were I that kid’s father, I definitely would expect them to! I feel for the guy who had to jump in and fish the kid out. I don’t think Johnson and Johnson’s makes a baby wash powerful enough to clean that boy! In all seriousness, because of someone else’s mistake, this child is on his deathbed after possibly ingesting Drano-type substances. While the situation is ironic, I feel pity for this child’s family.


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