Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Medicare "Stiffens" Up the Competition...

So now Medicare is upgrading. It’s going to do the country its greatest service: Medicare will soon cover sexual enhancement drugs like Viagra. (,2933,146023,00.html)
I think this is a wonderful idea! Anyone with an active sex life knows the importance of a healthy sexual relationship. A sex life or lack thereof can make or break a romantic relationship or marriage. And the majority of men who need this drug are AARP card carriers, which means that their days are comprised of their hobbies and their marriages. It would be sad to think that ones sex life ends (and one’s marriage suffers) because one grows old and/or one cannot afford the pricey drugs. Granted, Medicare will compel doctors to use discretion when prescribing the drug, because only those who really need it will be covered, but that is certainly better than making those individuals break the bank for an operational body part! Let’s face it: prescriptions are expensive for the elderly. In some cases, individuals must prioritize, and Viagra simply isn’t important enough to beat out cholesterol medication and make it into the budget. I’m glad Medicare is recognizing penile dysfunction as a serious problem. I only hope I have this benefit when I reach the age of 55.


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