Thursday, January 27, 2005

Seat belts are a must

Within the past week, I have encountered a tragedy firsthand. An acquaintance of mine was involved in a terrible car wreck on Fowler Avenue, her roommate thrown from the car and killed. Seeing accidents like these on the news and even in passing are much different from knowing someone whose life has been altered forever from this. The driver who caused the accident was upset. The news said, “road rage”, but a family member of the driver (who was released from the hospital alive and well) said that the driver was a passive one, who would never do anything to intentionally aggravate other drivers. But whatever the reason, the first woman caused this accident out of spite, and my acquaintance who was wearing her seatbelt, survived. Her roommate was thrown from the car and she died. Why didn’t she survive this accident? Because she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. My girlfriend is always pestering me to buckle up before I start the car, and now I see why. Because the passenger of that car refused to put on her seatbelt, she died. Now the lives of her family, roommates, friends, and significant others will be permanently changed. A family member of the driver told me, “Thank God (name of driver) was wearing her seatbelt. It could have been so much worse!“ From now on, I’m going to wear my seatbelt without having to be reminded. I suggest that any of you who don’t make it a habit to buckle your seatbelt right when you sit down in the car change your ways. It will save your life one day.


Blogger Gary said...

I'm sincerely sorry for your loss.

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