Friday, January 28, 2005

Just Let Go

I am going to touch upon this because it needs to be said, and not enough people are hearing the truth. Terri Schaivo, the human vegetable, deserves to die a peaceful death. She had told her husband during her more coherent lifetime to allow her to pass, not to keep her as a living cadaver, but to die with dignity were she ever in a comatose state. But her parents, despite her wishes, refuse to let her die. I understand the pain a parent must feel, knowing that they have to bury their child, but come on now! Don’t they know that her husband must be feeling pain, as well? Why is it fair to keep her alive if she cannot enjoy all the fruits that life has to offer. From a spiritual sense, I would prefer to send my soul to my God than to hold it hostage in a body that cannot live. In a statement, Michael Schaivo told the press that he shared Terri’s parents’ pain, and has searched for a cure for her for years. He tried electric brain stimulations, outings to parks to stimulate her brain, and various other medical procedures. He has sat by her bedside for countless hours, praying for a sign of consciousness. However, nothing worked, and no sign of coherent life could be found in her. Obviously, this is a man who cares deeply for his wife, and has grieved for her passing for years. Why not spare her – and him – the pain of life as a corpse and allow her to peacefully pass? It seems to me that her parents are a bit selfish to keep her feeding tube in. Instead of peace for their daughter, they only offer her a bogus life, and for what reason? So that they can say that their daughter is alive? It is common knowledge that after a body has been comatose for a certain period of time, the likelihood that that person will recover is slim to none. Terri Schaivo has been in a coma now for over a decade. I think more people need to listen to logic, and listen to Michael Schaivo.
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