Monday, January 31, 2005

Democracy Prevails!

Democracy prevailed today when millions of Iraqis worldwide voted for the first time in fifty years. People who have been bashing this conflict are now realizing the true meaning of what Americans have been doing for this country. The Iraqi people voted in 14 countries worldwide, including five locations in the U.S. If you watch the news, you have seen the video clips of the Iraqi people clapping and crying in the streets while displaying their inked fingers, a sign that they have voted. Eight million people (60% of eligible voters, or equal to a typical American election) showed up. (,2933,145825,00.html)
If this was such an unwanted war in Iraq, then why did all of these people risk their lives to create democracy? Of all the people who successfully voted in today's elections, only 44 lost their lives due to the insurgents and their mortars and suicide bombs. And now a domino effect will occur throughout the middle east. Perhaps others will follow in Iraq's daring footsteps. Looking for world peace? I think today was part of the solution.


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